Frequently, we at the moment of travel, either by hurry or carelessness, we usually forget certain accessories which, although are not essential, will help you enjoy your trip much more. If you are planning a boat trip in Tenerife, you should know what to carry. Here at White Tenerife we’ve made a list that will be very useful for you. 

When you visit the island of Tenerife, you have a lot of options to have fun and enjoy quality moments, sighting sea creatures is one of them. If you go for a boat trip in Tenerife you will have the opportunity to sighting whales and dolphins. This activity is very recreational and educational, but to be able to enjoy it, it’s important to follow these tips for sighting sea creatures


Rent a boat is a great choice for you when you are traveling, especially if your destiny is the island of Tenerife. You may think that will be boring, even though, in White Tenerife we want to teach you how to enjoy to the fullest a boat trip in Tenerife. You will discover that this adventure is not only sealing through the sea. 

This is the title of our first blog, Sailing on Tenerife, because sailing is our passion and because doing so along the coast of Tenerife in one of our boats is a delight.