Sailing on Tenerife

This is the title of our first blog, Sailing on Tenerife, because sailing is our passion and because doing so along the coast of Tenerife in one of our boats is a delight.

This coast and this sea have many attractions. The trade winds for sailing, crossings from Tenerife to La Gomera, the southern coastline with its small coves and cliffs, the marine fauna - dolphins, whales, turtles - in their natural habitat… If we add to all of this spectacular volcanic landscapes, a sunset that seems to go on for ever, the majestic Mount Teide which sometimes wears a crown of snow or the beautiful island of La Gomera arising from the blue of the sea, the canvas has no words to depict it.

When you get on one of our yachts, the sensation of wellbeing and freedom is such that you want to intensely experience every moment on board. With your departure from port, the horizon expands, the wind begins to caress your body and the unmistakeable aroma of the Atlantic floods your lungs. The sails are unfurled and your moment begins.

You can tell that we love this and instead of just reading our blog, we hope that you will come with us and experience it alongside us.

Welcome to the blog of White Tenerife!