Quality Charter for viewing whales off Tenerife.

At White Tenerife, we take the activity of observation of whales and dolphins very seriously, and we show this each day through our work.

A further step in this direction is the award, a few days ago, of the Quality Charter given by the local Tourist Authority to those companies that fulfil a series of strict rules guaranteeing the quality of the service.

Care of the marine fauna in our environment is vital to everybody and any contribution in this regard is well worth making; the whole of the Southern coast of the island of Tenerife constitutes a unique ecosystem that it is our duty to preserve and protect.

Our modern and comfortable boats and our experienced skippers are there for our guests so that they can enjoy a complete and highly-gratifying experience, whether on an excursion or a charter. Concepts such as safety, information, service, attention to the customer and friendliness are part of our DNA at White Tenerife.