How to enjoy to the fullest most a boat trip in Tenerife


Rent a boat is a great choice for you when you are traveling, especially if your destiny is the island of Tenerife. You may think that will be boring, even though, in White Tenerife we want to teach you how to enjoy to the fullest a boat trip in Tenerife. You will discover that this adventure is not only sealing through the sea. 

What to do in a boat trip?

There are many activities you can do in a boat trip. If you are going with your family, friends or even just you and your couple, there are many options you can choose to make the boat trip an incredible journey.

Traveling with your couple

For every couple is really important to make activities that drive them out of routine. In White Tenerife we are sure that in this trip you will achieve completely this requirement. The best is our boat renting service that offers everything you need to enjoy a unique trip with that person you love.

Boat trips

This activity is really nice and easy to enjoy by many people, either if you go with your family or your friends. The best of all the experience is during the trip you’ll have the chance to make a short stop to dive in a safe zone of the sea for swimming. Those boat trips are usually done during the day in order to have the possibility of seeing much better the landscapes and the habitually marine creatures.

Firsts steps as skipper

If you are a boat lover, but you don’t have one of your own and want to live the experience of driving one, you can rent a boat without a skipper and drive it by yourself. With this you will be able to acquire experience in everything related to maritime navigation. One important point of renting a boat without skipper is to have the needed documentation to sealing boats.

Rent a boat for a bachelor party

One of the most important moments of life is marriage. Is there a better way to celebrate it than a bachelor party in deep sea? Will be a unique experience to give it an end to a stage that possibly will never get back. Rent a boat for a bachelor party is a very original idea that you shouldn’t ignore. You will share with your friends a special moment, accompanied by food and drink to liven up the celebration.

Boat trips for enterprises

You should not always get together in an office room to hold meetings. Get out of your daily work routine and organize a special meeting during a boat tripMeeting during a boat trip may be a great experience where you will set free the tension of all attendees, opening way to discuss important work issues while enjoying the view and contemplating the beautiful landscape offered by the island of Tenerife. Planning a boat trip for an enterprise not only will allow you to debate important issues, it will also help you strengthen coexistence and teamwork thanks to the development of activities outside the office.