Tips for sighting sea creatures

When you visit the island of Tenerife, you have a lot of options to have fun and enjoy quality moments, sighting sea creatures is one of them. If you go for a boat trip in Tenerife you will have the opportunity to sighting whales and dolphins. This activity is very recreational and educational, but to be able to enjoy it, it’s important to follow these tips for sighting sea creatures

Although, the skippers of each boat maintain certain provisions to avoid colliding with animals, you must follow these tips since animals can altered their behavior due to human activities. If the whales or the dolphins are not interest in being near the boat, the best thing to do is not to force the sighting.

Adequate behavior

During your boat trip in Tenerife, you should be aware of several indications that will let you enjoy the sighting of whales and dolphins without any problem. Remember that sea creatures are sensitive to wave changes produced by ships, as they can also react to the way you treat them during sighting. Therefore, we recommend you to keep quiet and minimize movement during the sighting of creatures.

How to sail during a sighting

If you have chosen to rent a boat without a skipper and decided to make an animal sighting during your boat trip in Tenerife, you must take into account certain rules that will allow you to enjoy the experience and learn about whales and dolphins. There rules are:

Keep distance

Whales are impressive animals thanks to their large size, a movement in vain can be detrimental to the entire crew of the boat. Therefore, it is advisable not to approach when they are feeding. This is easy to notice since the whales release bubbles under the water before going out to eat to the surface. Do not forget that whales can appear anywhere. Likewise, whales that perform tail movements may be socializing between them and not be aware of the boats.

Sail very slow

When we are sighting whales and dolphins is necessary that the approach of the boat be the slowest possible. Seek to approach them in parallel from behind them and, once you manage to go with the animal, keep a parallel distance with them. An important tip is to keep the boat in the same wind direction.

Maneuvers and changes of direction

Once you manage to sail near the dolphins or whales, try to avoid changes of direction, violent maneuvers, gear changes and excessive use of the engine. You should not navigate in circles around the group in any moment, much less disperse or persecute them, especially if there are mothers and babies. You can make a sound every so often to indicate your location to the whales and prevent possible collisions.

Approach time

Probably you want to spend a long time looking up the wonderful creatures that inhabit the sea. You should know that this is not recommended because it could bother the whales and dolphins. Ideally, the sighting of whales and dolphins lasts a maximum of one hour. If you notice signs of discomfort on the part of the animals you should withdraw silently and slowly.