What do you need to carry for a boat trip in Tenerife?

Frequently, we at the moment of travel, either by hurry or carelessness, we usually forget certain accessories which, although are not essential, will help you enjoy your trip much more. If you are planning a boat trip in Tenerife, you should know what to carry. Here at White Tenerife we’ve made a list that will be very useful for you. 


Traveling by boat is a journey that can last a little over a week. That is why the best way to preserve the memories of that pleasant experience is with photos and videos. Therefore, we recommend to take your camera. If the camera of your mobile phone has a great quality, it is also a valid option.


If you want to enjoy your trip as a professional explorer, then you can’t leave your binoculars. These will be very useful during the sighting of animals, since, although you will have the opportunity of see them very close, you don’t know what can happen a little further. Your binoculars will help you enjoy more the sighting of whales and dolphins.

Solar protection

The boat trips in Tenerife have place between the last hours of the morning and the first hours of the afternoon, hours where the sun usually feels stronger. At this time, even the reflection of light in the water can cause you sunstroke. Therefore, we recommend you to wear a hat and sunscreen.


We are not wishing you bad things. Nothing of that. Usually in the boat trip the weather change from a radiant sun to cloudy in seconds. If you are the kind of person that doesn`t like to get wet with rainwater, this accessory will be very useful for you.

A good backpack

The boat trips, even if they are several days long, you don`t need a lot of luggage. Therefore, carrying a suitcase can be uncomfortable in many ways. To travel by boat we recommend you to prepare a small backpack with all the necessary elements to enjoy this great experience.

Flat shoes

Nobody wants to live the bad experience of slipping on the deck. Besides being dangerous, it is a very uncomfortable moment. That is why, for women, is not recommended to wear high heels shoes. Ideally, for men and women is flat footwear and also non-slip.

Board games

If you are planning that your boat trip lasts several days, then undoubtedly you will need to fill the gap of free time, especially during the night, when all are exhausted. The board games are an excellent option to keep the fun during the boat trip. You can bring a card game or any other game for four or more players.

Enjoy the sea with White Tenerife

Feel the trade winds, discover the corals of La Masca and travel the sea from Tenerife to La Gomera sighting incredible sea creatures, is an experience you can enjoy through White Tenerife. Our knowledge in maritime navigation gives you total security and each of our boats is equipped in order to meet your needs. If you want to enjoy a boat trip in Tenerife, do not hesitate to contact us.