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Sailing along the spectacular coast of Tenerife on a sailing boat or under engine power is an indispensable experience for those who are having a holiday in the Canary Islands or who live here.

White Tenerife, based in Puerto Colón (Costa Adeje), puts at your disposal three modern sailboats and a cat, all fully equipped, where you can watch and listen to whales and dolphins, excursions, maritime charter or events, making your experience with us something unforgettable.

With experienced skippers and safety as the prime concern, you can choose a planned three-hour trip on which you can see whales and dolphins in their natural habitat, a private charter on which you can enjoy an unforgettable day sailing along the south coast of the island or, if you prefer, you can sail across to the island of La Gomera or pay a visit to the incredible Los Gigantes cliffs anchoring in Masca Bay. If you have a company and you want to hold an event on our boats, we will help you to design your day and plan everything.

Ideal for those who value comfort, exclusivity and details, we sail with the intention that you should fully enjoy the experience. Among other pleasures, you can take a refreshing dip in crystal-clear waters or go snorkelling in remote coves to see the local marine fauna.  An on-board catering service, with a menu on demand offering all kinds of local, Spanish and international produce, is available on the trip so that your experience with us is complete.

Barco Azul

Blue Boat
The boats of White Tenerife have the blue flag like boats enabled to realize the activity of sighting of whales and dolphins in the coast of Tenerife.

Barco Azul

Sustainability Charter
White Tenerife has this official recognition as a company that meets strict quality standards when providing its services.

Barco Azul

We belong to this association that works for the conservation of these beautiful and impressive mammals in all the seas of the World.

Barco Azul

Tenerife Select
We are part of this small group of companies that offer exclusive services to tourists and visitors.


  • Excursions along the coast with the opportunity to see whales, dolphins and giant turtles in their natural habitat. 
  • Private charter.
  • Corporate events in comfortable, modern yachts.
  • Crossing to La Gomera or other islands.
  • Masca Bay/Los Gigantes.
  • Sunset at sea.
  • Snorkelling and swimming in crystal clear water.
  • Special celebrations.



Boat trips along the coast

The opportunity to observe whales, Listening and watching to whales and dolphins.

Private charter

Private charter


Corporate events on comfortable modern yachts and cat.

Voyages to other islands

A crossing to La Gomera or other islands


Masca Bay / Los Gigantes

Special moments

Sunsets at sea


Snorkelling and swimming in crystal-clear waters


Very special celebrations