Our best


The following persons make up our team, a group of professionals devoted to ensuring that your experience with White Tenerife is the best part of your holiday or leisure time.

Committed to safety and service quality, their experience, willingness and performance are the guarantee that, when you are in one of our boats, you only have to concentrate on enjoying yourself.

José B. Díaz

Since I was a small boy when I played with watercraft, I have always dreamed of having one of my own. Now, my company carries thousands of passengers a year to sail the waters of my adopted homeland, Tenerife.

My passion as a skipper is to make my passengers enjoy the best possible experience.  
At sea, I feel at home and when I go on board and unfurl the sails I feel relaxed and happy.  

Félix Palmero
I have been a seaman for as long as I can remember and have sailed in all types of waters but I have never found anywhere like these islands, with their trade winds, their volcanic coasts and their sunsets.

Ángel Padilla 
I love my job, my office is the boat and I have an excellent view of the sea. I am in charge, among others, of the public address system of the ship, welcoming the passengers, informing them and cheering up their hours among us. I always see faces of happiness, and I like that.

My job is to help the skypper as much as possible for a pleasant and safe navigation. The modern boats of White Tenerife make everything easier for me.

Loredana E. Macovel
Paying attention to the details, making things happen as planned, having everything ready and organised, forms part of my work. I do not necessarily travel on your boat but it is as if I were there.