Frequent questions

Why choose White Tenerife rather than another company?

Safety, service quality, experience, the range of options, quality of the boats,… these are just some of the reasons why you should choose our company for your excursions or charters. 

Are the trips suitable for all ages?

YES, we have customers of all ages, each enjoying the excursion or charter in his or her own way.

I have children. Can I take them with me?

It is children who most enjoy viewing the whales and dolphins.  If they like the water, the swimming time is also special because they do not normally have the opportunity of jumping into the sea from a boat.

What clothing is suitable for sailing along the Tenerife coastline in one of your boats?

We advise you to bring comfortable and dry clothes to move on the boat: t-shirt, pants (better shorts), swimsuit, towel, head protection, sunglasses and sunscreen. On cloudy winter days we suggest bringing a sweater.
It is not important footwear because it is removed when boarding the boat.

Will I have food and drink on board the boat or should I take some with me?

With the reservation is included a catering consisting of assorted sandwiches, drinks and a salty snack that we normally serve when we anchor the boat.

I sometimes get seasick. What is your advice?

Check with your doctor, sure he/she find a solution for you to enjoy a great day of sailing on the south coast of Tenerife.

Do you always see whales and dolphins?

White Tenerife, just like the other boats offering this service, cannot totally guarantee that these marine mammals will be seen although in a high percentage of cases they can indeed be seen without any problem. 

Can the itinerary be modified?

Yes. In response to the weather forecast, the skipper may change the planned route and find a better option so that the customer can enjoy the trip to the maximum.  The reason and the new itinerary will be made public when you are on board.

If I book a service. How can I get to the boat?

White Tenerife makes a free collection service available, for sailboat reservations, to its customers from anywhere in Costa Adeje, Los Cristianos or Las Américas. Please ask about any other collection points.

Is it possible to organise a private excursion for a group of people?

YES, White Tenerife organises all kinds of private trips and events for groups of people and firms who want to enjoy a day's sailing along the coast of Tenerife. 

What happens if the weather conditions do not make it possible to have the excursion or charter?

In this case, subject to availability, a new date is agreed for the trip.

What happens if the company cancels the excursion?

In the unlikely event that this happens, in the case of all those people who have made a direct booking with White Tenerife, a new date will be agreed with the customer. If this were not possible, the amount paid will be totally refunded without any administration costs. 

If you acquired your booking through an intermediary, you should contact him or her for a solution. 

What happens if I have to cancel the tour?

In the event that this occurs due to demonstrable force majeure, for all those who have made a direct reservation with White Tenerife, a new date will be agreed with the client. If this is not possible, the amount paid in full will be refunded, without any management costs if the cancellation occurs with a minimum of 24 hrs. previous to the reservation date.

How can I make a reservation?

You have all the information in the Bookings section of our web site

One person in the group suffers from a disability. Can he or she come with us?

White Tenerife makes available to the disabled all the resources at its disposal so that he or she may be involved in the trip and enjoy it to the maximum.  Nevertheless, you should consult before finalising the reservation.