What do our customers say

VĂ­ctor (Company director)

"After a year's hard work achieving the corporate objectives, I proposed an incentive trip to my employees on board the White Pirata de Agache exclusively for them. What better than a day's sailing all together! We were all enchanted."

Mario (Lives in Tenerife)

"Living on an island and not enjoying sailing is almost a sin. I generally take a boat out to relax and get to know another view of the place where I live. And I can do it throughout the year!"

Mary, John, Philip, Kate and Lynda (friends)

"We wanted to spend all day sailing and finish with a sunset at sea to celebrate Kate's birthday. We decided to hire a boat from White Tenerife thanks to its varied options and the excellent references we had on the quality of their service. It was the best birthday celebration that we could possibly have chosen."

Victoria (Holiday family)

"We reserved an excursion for all the family with White Tenerife. The kids had a wonderful time observing the dolphins and whales, we had a swim and we were offered food and drinks on board. We had a wonderful few hours of fun. We'll do it again."