Terms and conditions

The services rendered by White Tenerife, the owner of the tenerifeseacharter.com website, are subject to the following conditions:

General conditions

The present conditions contain some exclusions and limitations of liability. The user accepts that the use of this website on his/her part does not imply any relationship of association, society or agency between the user and  tenerifeseacharter.com 

The booking via this website is conditional on the acceptance of the terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any clause, do not continue with the reservation process. If the booking is completed, this means that the user accepts that he/she has read and accepted the conditions of use. If there is any part that you do not understand correctly or if you have any questions about the service, we invite you to ask us about them via e-mail at hola@tenerifeseacharter.com 

Observation of whales and dolphins

Whales and dolphins have their natural habitat in the waters off the south coast of Tenerife and it is highly probable that you will be able to observe them - but this is never guaranteed - on excursions, charters and events which White Tenerife carries out in these waters. We always attempt to avoid any disturbance to the marine fauna. 

All participants should pay attention to the skippers of the boats so as to be able to follow their instructions at all times. 

Port of departure and return

Excepting causes of force majeure that are outside the control of White Tenerife, the port of departure and return will be Puerto Colón, Costa Adeje (Tenerife).


This is always in an insured vehicle with a qualified driver which satisfies all European regulations in the matter of safety.


As the places available for each activity are limited, it is recommended that you reserve in advance. On excursions with a maximum of eleven passengers per boat, it is necessary that at least four passengers should have a reservation. If the minimum group size is not achieved, the activity will be cancelled.


Times and punctuality

You are requested to be as punctual as possible. On the day of the trip, if any participant arrives later than the set time of departure, there is no guarantee that the group will wait. The persons responsible for the company will decide on this matter. Those who miss the transport provided will not have any right to a refund. In order to prevent delay, no passengers may be collected or alight on the route except in exceptional cases with a clear justification.

The boat trips have an approximate duration of three hours depending on sea conditions and imponderables which may arise during the trip. White Tenerife does not make itself responsible, nor will it be the object of any claim if the duration is not exactly three hours.  The same is true for the charters contracted for. The events will involve a contract adapted to the reality of each trip. 


The price of the excursion includes transport to the dockside (area of Costa Adeje, Los Cristianos and Las Américas), the catering and the service contracted for. It likewise includes the company's civil liability insurance. 

How to book the service

It is necessary to fill in the booking form on the web page and to pay the total amount of the reservation by bank transfer to the account indicated. If one person fills in the booking form on behalf of all the members of the group who are participating in the service, the entire group ratifies that all its members accept the conditions of the reservation.

This person undertakes to inform the other members of any information received from White Tenerife with reference to changes, cancellations or conditions of the service.  

After receiving the booking for the excursion, tenerifeseacharter.com will confirm by means of e-mail and will send a voucher and bill with a numerical code which must be printed and presented to the person responsible from  White Tenerife at the moment of departure. Until the payment is confirmed, there will be no contract with the customer.   

Cancellation of the reservation 

Yes, this is possible. It is sufficient to send an e-mail to hola@tenerifeseacharter.com with the numerical code and the cancellation request seventy-two hours in advance of the departure of the excursion. In this case, 90% of the total cost of the reservation will be refunded and the remaining 10% will cover the administration costs. In the case of cancellation less than seventy-two hours in advance of the date of the service, no refund will be made. 

In the case of the cancellation of an excursion for technical reasons, of force majeure or because the minimum number of passengers has not been reached (in the case of excursions), White Tenerife will refund to the customer the total amount paid and in this case there will be no charge made for administration costs. 

Change of conditions

White Tenerife reserves the right to change the timetable for the service for causes that are unconnected with the company.  Likewise, the company reserves the right to cancel the trip if the minimum number of participants is not reached. 

White Tenerife reserves the right to modify the present terms and conditions at any moment and without advance warning.  The use of this web site will be subject to the general conditions in force at the moment of its use. 


The customer guarantees that he/she is of adult age and has the legal  capacity to make this contract with White Tenerife and to accept the obligations set by law for any liability deriving from the use of this web site.   

The customer guarantees that all the personal information sent during the process of booking of services are correct and accepts financial liability for all the transactions carried out in his/her name or charged to his account. 

White Tenerife, acting in good faith, does not accept any liability for possible errors or omissions that are present on this page.   

White Tenerife cannot guarantee that this web site and the e-mails sent are free from viruses or other components that are potentially dangerous to your PC. Tenerifeseacharter.com cannot be considered to be responsible for damage of any kind deriving from the use of this web site. 

White Tenerife is the owner of this web site. The use of the contents of this web site for the benefit of third parties is not possible without the express authorisation of the company. 

All the contents are protected by the regulations in force on national and international copyright.

Any dispute will be subject to the jurisdiction and the laws of Spanish courts. 

The lessee is obliged to make good use and keep the boat and all its elements as if they were his property, scrupulously complying with current legislation and with respect to the instructions of the different Maritime Captaincies.

The Skipper is the highest authority on board. He is the only responsible for the government and security of all passengers. The decisions you make for the benefit of safety or coexistence on board can not be questioned by any passenger. The Skipper is authorized to disembark those passengers who endanger their safety and / or that of others.

The number of passengers is limited to the number of authorized seats.

The leased boat is insured at all risk and has all the permits and authorizations to exercise this activity.

The itineraries can undergo modifications, both on the route and the place of embarkation and disembarkation, as well as the schedules and days of departure, due to possible adverse weather conditions or fortuitous breakdowns. These modifications will not give any right to compensation.